How To Measure

We want to make sure you get the perfect fit. Use this as a guide for taking your measurements. Then check out the size chart on the product you wish to buy to find the perfect fit for you.

To take your measurements you will need:

  • A measuring tape or piece of string
  • Good Posture
  • Mirror

Start by standing up straight and letting your body be natural, do not suck in your stomach. The tape should be snug enough you cannot slip a finger behind it, but not so tight that you bulge around it.


Measure across the fullest part of your bust


Measure underneath the bust


Wrap the tape around your waist (the smallest part of your torso; below your ribs and above your hips).


Take your measurement at the widest part

Measuring Tip

If you have trouble wrapping the tape around yourself, try to use a piece of string, wrap it round you and then measure it with a metal tape measure afterwards.